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We reupholster, recover, repair, repolish and restore Parker Knoll, Ercol, Cintique, Bridgecraft, Minty and all good quality sofas, armchairs and chairs, not just in the Leeds and Bradford areas, but we also have a national service throughout the U.K. Looking for an expert upholsterer? Now you can take advantage of our full range of services over the Internet.

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Upholsterers in Leeds

Ercol chairs and sofas, tables and cabinets, Parker Knoll, Cintique are just some of the quality brands we restore, repolish, reupholster and return to their former glory. We will lovingly restore your furniture plus we also buy and sell items for resale

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French Polishers

Abbey have been experts in polishing and French Polishing for over 20 years. Our workshops are equipped to deal with chairs, tables, sideboards and most other furniture in the home. Please e-mail us for call the helpline to inform us of your requirements.


Abbey Upholstery was founded in 1976 by a then young, married  couple – Tom & Mary Burke, literally in the cellar of their first home.Almost immediately, Tom’s father, John Burke, who took early retirement at 58 years of age. joined the Company to help his son and daughter-in-law on a supposed part-time basis.  This family business immediately took off to the extent that John’s supposedly part-time retirement job became full time and lasted for the next 25 years.  So it was not till 2001 that John finally retired at the age of 87.  His influence and values are still influential in the Company to this day.

In 1998 Paul Burke, on founding his own Website Design Company in Gloucester, became the Company’s internet consultant and website designer – a relationship that still continues successfully to this day, even though interactive media is now his speciality.

In 2012 Karen Burke (John’s grandaughter) and Tom and Mary’s daughter joined the Company, bringing a new dynamic and new ideas to the company.  She has a degree in Furniture Design and has worked in the furniture industry elsewhere for a number of years (doing her own thing), including the leather, cobbling and shoe industry. Like the rest of the family, furniture is in her blood and she is also a confirmed Ercol enthusiast and specialist.
Mary has always been the brains and book-keeping partner, making sure the bills were paid on time, and Tom simply had to make sure the cash was there to pay the bills. A married partnership that has worked very well for the last 37 years.

The Internet and Abbey Upholstery.

In 1998 Paul Burke (son of Tom and Mary – lately out of University) started his own website design business.

This was in the very early of the internet. His father ( as ever his eye on the future) gave him a project – to design a website for Abbey Upholstery Leeds.

We immediately started getting a trickle of enquiries from small repairs of a broken castor from Liverpool to fully reupholstering a large number of sofas and chairs in the famous Queens Hotel in Leeds City Centre.

The Company was off again expanding into another area of marketing. Soon we developed various speciality websites but all furniture related:-

www.furnitrewebstore.co.uk for example, supplying beds and new sofas with customers not just in West Yorkshire and the U.K. but from all over the world.