New interiors

Over time the interiors of cushions become compressed and are no longer as comfortable as they once were. At Abbey Upholstery, we can offer foam, fibre and feather cushions as an excellent replacement, rejuvenating your chairs and suites.

Foam cushions offer more support and return to their original shape, and slowly soften over time.

Fibre compresses more quickly, and doesn’t return to its original shape, giving your cushions a floppier look. This is generally the preferred choice for people who like to curl up on their sofa and get comfortable.

Feather cushions give a very soft feeling and will generally need re-fluffing daily to keep the shape. Again, these are the preferred cushions for those who like to make a ‘nest’ on their sofa, and are better suited to furniture with a fully sprung base.



Sometimes your furniture may need some repair work doing. Springs can fail occasionally but the rest of the furniture is fine. We can save you replacing a full suite by just replacing a spring.


Lots of furniture uses Pirelli webbing as the base of its seats. This becomes brittle over time as it dries out. We replace this using the same material – Pirelli webbing  With Ercol furniture we use the same technique using dowels to fix in place. This all means you retain the feel of your furniture.

Frame repairs

Loose joints in dining chairs can be rejointed to give you many more years of use. A broken leg on a dining suite could mean you have to replace a full set of chairs. We can often fix the break, saving the full suite.

Collapsed Fixed Seat Sofas

A lot of sofas at the moment have a fixed seat, where the cushions do not come off, especially leather suites. Over time the seat starts to collapse and you can start to roll into the middle. There are a few different reasons for this, the foam only softens on one side as you can’t turn them over so this halves the life of the foam and the webs or springs can cut through the foam loosing an inch in height. We have now mastered this repair as we have done so many but this can save replacing a full suite. Call us to discuss how we can help.


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