Made popular in the Victorian era, French Polishing is a technique used to restore furniture, giving it a sympathetic finish and deep colour suitable for older and antique furniture.

More modern furniture requires different techniques and finishes which vary from piece to piece.

At Abbey Upholstery and French Polishing, our expert team can help you achieve a premium and brand-new look for your furniture. We work with the piece, keeping it sympathetic to its time and style., for example, as Ercol specialists we know how to retain their trade mark finish and colour.

In the past, we’ve worked on coffee tables, chairs, tables sideboards, cabinets and many more pieces of furniture, restoring them to their original glory.

We can repair knocks, scratches, heat marks and broken legs, backs and arms plus anything else in between.

Restoration work – Rattan & Rush

Over time Rattan and Rush work dries out and becomes brittle causing the material to break. We are able to restore your furniture using our highly skilled craftsmen who are masters in this dying art.


Over the years we have become very skilled at restoring Ercol pieces, maintain the original Ercol finish, indeed we are on Ercols approved list of Ercol restorers. Not only that one of our directors is an Ercol enthusiast, having many pieces in her own home.

We can restore dining tables, dining chairs, arm chairs, sideboards and nests of tables.


Gplan a market leader in the 1970’s is now very much sought after and back in fashion. GPlan have brought out a retro reproduction range that is now being reproduced. We can revitalise your original pieces to their original glory.

 Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Cabinets, Sideboards etc

We have worked on many quality brand names such as Mackintosh, Cintique and Nathan, and our skilled craftsmen all have a passion for their work and treat each individual piece with love and attention.

For more information on our polishing services, please give us a call, on 0113 267 5483.


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